OSI Industries growth under CEO Sheldon Lavin

OSI Industries is one of the biggest food processing companies in the world. It is also one of the biggest private companies in the United States. The company was set up at the beginning of the last century by people who were looking for opportunities to open businesses at the time. The founder of the company was Otto Kolschoswsky, a German immigrant who had come to Chicago in search of better opportunities. The company has grown consistently over the past one century to become the top company it is today. It started as a butcher shop and grew steadily over the years until it became one of the top companies in the country. It took the efforts of Kolschowsky and others to manage to develop the company into a big business.

OSI Industries managed to grow rapidly in the mid-20th century. There was an increase in the number of businesses which were coming up after the end of the Second World War. OSI Industries was then known as Otto &Sons. It was named after the family. The business managed to strike an early deal with McDonald’s which was set up around the same time. Otto & Sons became the suppliers of hamburgers to the newly opened McDonald’s. McDonald’s expanded rapidly within the country and outside and in no time, the demand for meat products from Otto & Sons went up. The company had to find ways of producing the large capacity that was needed by the McDonalds. As soon as demand from McDonald’s went up, the business also started going up instantly. The role of the McDonalds in the growth of this company has been vital.

OSI Industries is currently under the management of CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. For the last four decades, Sheldon Lavin has been working in the company trying to make it better. He was the one who initiated the global expansion of the company in the 1980s. When he joined, the company had only one client- the McDonalds, but after working in the company for a number of years, he realized that there was a need to diversify the operations of the company. He started taking the company in a direction that would allow more operations of the company by facilitating the growth of the company into other areas of business. He did not want the company to be only dependent on McDonald’s. Over the years he has made the company a top company in the food industry.

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Years After Retirement from UTC, Louis Chênevert’s Influence Continues to Be Felt

Born in 1958 in Montreal, Quebec, Louis Chênevert grew up deeply interested in entrepreneurship, and would act on that interest while pursuing his higher education, studying production management at the University of Montreal. Production management entails ensuring that goods are produced expediently and cheaply, while maintaining maximum quality.

Chênevert would launch his business management career at the General Motors’ Saint-Thérèse Assembly factory in his home province of Quebec, where his production management degree would prove beneficial, as he found himself intimately involved in the production cycle of a factory that assembled an automobile a minute.

After fourteen years at General Motors, Chênevert would transition into a separate industry, joining Pratt & Whitney Canada, a division of aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, which is itself a subsidiary of United Technology Corporation. Three years after first joining PWC, Chênevert would advance to occupy the executive vice presidential position for the larger subsidiary, facilitating a move out of Canada.

Winning recognition for cutting production costs at Pratt & Whitney by 10 percent in his first twelve months, Chênevert would quickly advance to become President of the division in 1999. At a time when the aerospace market was experiencing a downturn, Chênevert instituted a series of policies that maintained the division’s profitability. He would also oversee the development of the geared turbofan (GTF) engine, now in operation under twenty-one carriers.

Upon advancing to the position of Chairman of United Technologies, Chênevert would spur increased investment in the GTF engine, very quickly earning the role of director, and then in 2008 becoming President and CEO following the retirement of industry legend George David, who had occupied the roles for sixteen years.

During his tenure, Chênevert prioritized US-based manufacturing and reliance on quality control in production. He oversaw the acquisition of a major contract with the United States Navy, as well as that of aerospace manufacturer Goodrich Corporation for $18 billion. Upon his retirement in 2014, six years after his ascendancy, Chênevert had spurred a rise of 216% in UTC share price, leaving the company in as advantageous a position as it had been in decades.


Robert Deignan Fans The Entrepreneurial Flame

With quoting interesting and successful creators and business owners such as Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, it is clear that this man has ambition. The man’s name is Robert Deignan and he is a former professional athlete turned successful entrepreneur. This is not your ordinary jock. Robert Deignan seems to have successfully trained both mind and body to serve him in his business endeavors, all the while strictly listening to his gut, his intuition.

In fact, listening to his gut is one of the main pieces of advice that Robert Deignan is willing to hand out. He attributes listening to his gut as one of the main reasons for his success and the thing that has gotten him out of and prevented trouble quite a number of times. During an interview, Robert goes on to say that it took him years to train himself to learn how to consistently follow his gut. It is also something that is not so well accepted as a successful approach by mainstream business gurus. But then again, Robert is one of the successful ones.

Robert Deignan was not always a business owner. He once played professional football and once played for the Miami Dolphins and the NJ Jets after graduating from Purdue University. Those alone are some pretty impressive accolades to have.

Soon after that, Robert Deignan went on to co-found Fanlink Inc, the first of his Entrepreneurial ventures. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services, a remote technical and digital support service company. Robert Deignan now lives in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area with his wife and kids.

Even though Robert Deignan left the world of professional football, he did not stop being a sports guy. He moved from the grid iron to the hook, line, and sinker. In January of 2016, Robert participated in a fishing tournament at the West Palm Beach Fishing Club’s 79th annual Silver Sailfish Derby. An accomplished businessman and successful athlete, Robert has continued to pursue anything that adds value to his life and the fulfillment of it for himself and for his family.


Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Are On a Mission

Penelope Kokkinides recently met with the President of the United States to discuss how she and Innovacare Health, which is headed by her and Rick Shinto, can bring much-needed relief to the healthcare situation in Puerto Rico.

One of the first things that Innovacare Health did was set up a clinic in one of the largest shopping malls in Puerto Rico. This clinic is called Recargate. This translates to recharge. Another thing that they did was set up more than thirty mobile clinics around the country so that everyone can have access to medical care regardless of where in the country they are located.

There are a number of different kinds of medical care that is being provided at these clinics. The first is regular medical care. Many people do not have access to doctors or to the medications that they need, even a few months after the large hurricane devastated the country. Many of the hospitals are still in ruins and not everyone is getting the care that they need. At these clinics, everyone can have access to trained and professional doctors and nurses who care about their patients and want them to get the best care possible.

There are also pharmacies at these clinics which are stocked with all of the medications that people at the clinic may need. This way, everyone can be assured that they will get the medications that they need. Many pharmacies in the country still are not equipped with all of the basic medications.

There are also mental health professionals at the clinics. They will help you assess your mental health situation and give you any kind of help that you may need. Many elderly people come to these clinics because they suffer from anxiety or stress. In fact, ten percent of elderly people suffer from stress after a natural disaster and need help for it. If they don’t get help, it could lead to heart attacks and death.

In addition, there are people at the clinics who are trained to help you out with diet and exercise plans. They really want you to leave the clinic and be fully prepared for all kinds of situation in your everyday life. That is why they will help you plan a diet plan and an exercise plan to keep you fit and healthy for a long time.


Specialists At Sussex Health Care

Sussex Health Care is an autonomous organization offering support and care services to the older adults in the southern part of England. The company started in May 1998 as a care home for older and physically challenged people. Today, the company has over 20 homes offering a wide range of activities. Concerning its leadership, the company’s CEO is Amanda Morgan.

Additionally, Sussex has two joint chairs which are Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. The two chair has different skills for instance in hospitality, health and leadership hence making Sussex a winning team. Over two decades, Sussex has received more than three awards.

Staffs at Sussex are well trained and devoted to providing the best services. Training and education continuation are a 24/7 activity at the Sussex healthcare which is mainly carried out at Warnham. People under care are also offered with recreational as well as social activities to stay lively. As a result of excellent services, staffs at Sussex enjoy various benefits such as paid vacations, uniforms, subsidiary meals among others.

As a result of a wide range of activities, Sussex has several jobs. First, the company employs specialists to provide care for the older people. In this jobs category, an employee offers meals, medications and social responsibility to the older people. There are also specialists who cater for adults with physical growth issues. Sussex has specialists who emphasize and care for individuals with terminal illnesses. These specialists undergo training at the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care.

Additionally, Sussex healthcare employs specialists and train individuals to provide dementia care. In fact, of its joint chair, Shiraz is a dementia specialist. The company also offers training regarding dementia to be well informed with the new strategies of dealing with dementia. Specifically, this job requires an individual who can design tactics of dealing with memory loss of each.

Finally, the company employs individuals who can handle brain damage and neurological issues. Some of the neurological problems include multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc. this job category may also include language therapists and physiotherapists.

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Freedom checks- The High Yielding Investment

The medial recently captured the beauty of Freedom Check as advertised by Matt Badiali an investor. The advertisement check amounted to $114,287, and it attracted the interest of people all with different opinions and understanding, and it had similar features like the one given for tax refund by the government.

Freedom checks offered a unique investing strategy and were introduced to the market through the investment newsletter.

The checks according to Matt Badiali are secret programs used for years by presidents from republic and democrats sides and the financial insider’s calls it the bipartisan policy. The truth about the freedom checks is that they are merely the Master Limited Partnership also known as MLPS. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

An MLPS is the business partnerships that function in central roles of any publicly traded and limited partnership. It means that an investor can obtain various advantages of investing in Partnership Company that includes tax-free returns. Enjoying the company fluid nature and having the ability to receive high liquidity returns from the company after being publicly listed.

The freedom checks are unique MLP investment that allows the investors to enjoy high returns and bypass the needed requirements of opening an individual investing account.

The investment can give the investor a high yield of more than four times their monthly Social Security payments. The checks are free from the income tax taxation, and they operate in a similar manner like stocks with the distribution checks being sent directly to your mail or your preferred account. Another super benefit of investing in these checks is that they are traded publicly and on the stock market and for little amounts of $10, and it gives the opportunity to everyone to start investing and seeing returns.

Freedom Checks also have their limitation with the company having to attain the requirements of Statute 26-F, and currently, there are over 550 companies that have passed the test. The other limitation is that the company needs to agree to pay their investors their return checks on yearly and according to their market earnings and revenue. Additionally, it needs to fall into categories of process, production, transportation, storage, gas and oil and having its operations in America. Mr. Matt Badiali states that the perfect company to invest in freedom checks is one with liquid assets of over 1 billion dollars and having in-demand assets. He advises the investors to check on its financial books and the situations of other shareholders.

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Co-founder of Seattle Genetics Clay Siegall

If you have been following business news, especially in the biotechnology field, you may have heard that Seattle Genetics has received FDA approval for Adcetris, an antibody-drug conjugate. This particular drug is aimed at those who have been diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma as well as anaplastic large cell lymphoma. At the head of Seattle Genetics is Co-founder Clay Siegall, a businessman who played a pivotal role in helping the company secure FDA approval for these breakthrough medications.

Additionally, he oversaw the development of several targeted therapy medications aimed at treating localized cancers and other diseases. These various medications have significantly improved the mortality rates of those who have taken them.

As far as Siegall’s background is concerned, he attended George Washington University, where he earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Genetics, before furthering his education at the University of Maryland, earning a B.S. in Zoology. After completing his education, Siegall began working at the renowned Bristol-Myers Squibb as a Senior Research Investigator, a role he maintained from 1991 to 1995, before going on to become the company’s Principal Scientist. In 1998, he severed ties with Bristol-Myers Squibb to help launch Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall’s decision to pursue a career in biotechnology was a decision that came from a very personal place. According to an inspirey.com article, Siegall admits that after witnessing a cancer treatment that nearly took the life of a patient his career aspirations were forever changed. It was at that point that he decided to help launch Seattle Genetics, and also, develop a class of medications that would later become a viable treatment alternative for cancer-stricken patients. To put this into context, Siegall wanted to create medications that could potentially replace radiation therapy.

Needless to say, Siegall’s determination has paid off handsomely; he helped successfully launch Seattle Genetics and also received FDA approval for an entirely new class of medications. In addition to these achievements, the University of Maryland named him alumnus of the year. Also, he was the recipient of the Northwest Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award. Needless to say, Seattle Genetics is in capable hands with Clay Siegall at the helm.

James Larkin’s activities with the Independent Labour Party

The Independent Labour Party was the first organization that James Larkin registered and identified with when he was still so young. The 17-year-old did not know much about trade unionism, but he understood enough about unfair treatment to workers, especially those of lower experience levels. Personally, he had been expelled from his place of work, where he was acting as his late father’s replacement.


James Larkin’s socialism drove him several years later to the Irish Labour Party, after being a member of both the National Union of Dock Labourers and also the Irish Transport and General Workers Union.


The Irish Labour Party was a collabo-formed union, with James Larkin and James Connolly on its realm. The two were fast friends and understood each other’s aspirations because those aspirations were shared.


In the heart of England and the core of maltreatment towards workers, rose a union which changed the view on trade unionism, with a leader whose determination to ending the ugly tradition, on its forefront. The Irish Labour Party has been for several years known for the strike termed as the greatest in the history of Ireland, ‘The Lockout of Dublin,’ while others know it simply as the ‘1913 Dublin Lockout.’


Both Larkin and Connolly organized the strike, and the two leaders had the goal of achieving fair pay for workers in England. It was characterized by employee lockouts from their places of work, and peaceful strikes including boycotts. James Larkin would never wish to resolve in violence, believing that it would affect the employees who participated in the strike if they were to lose their places of work.


James Larkin was also identified as the ILP leader who would not give a rest to the management of several firms in Dublin who distributed major products. A lot of resistance was waged on Jim Larkin, but being the man that he was, none was enough to affect him in any way whatsoever, and the result became the granting of the workers’ wishes. James Larkin’s death did not stop his activist work but instead opened a new chapter to aspiring activists.

The Invaluable Business Knowledge and Skills of Roberto Santiago

Becoming successful in any form of business requires a lot of patient, persistence, and determination. Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur who has made major contributions to the business world in Brazil due to his hard work and innovative mind. Mr. Roberto is a legendary businessperson born in Joao Pessoa. Roberto has always demonstrated determination in everything he does. His entrepreneurial knowledge is invaluable.


Roberto was born in 1958 and spent his childhood in Joao Pessoa. Mr. Roberto serves as the overall manager of Manaira Shopping Mall which he owns. The shopping complex is among the most prominent businesses in Brazil. Manaira Shopping Mall ensures that all Brazilians get equal chances of employment thus promoting equity. The mall has played a significant role in the transformation of Joao Pessoa town since it raises their living standards. Mr. Santiago still wants to transform the city by investing in different types of businesses.


Roberto is a graduate of the University Center which is located in Pessoa where he pursued business administration. Before Santiago joined this higher learning institution, he attended Pio X-Marist College. His education background has helped him to identify viable business opportunities and invest in them within the shortest time possible. After completing his education, Mr. Roberto started working at Décor manufacturing company where he learned a lot about running a business. After leaving the manufacturing company, Santiago founded the Cartonnage business. With time, Cartonnage Company significantly grew and enjoyed enormous profits. Since Santiago saw the potential of investing, he decided to diversify and joined the real estate industry.


The success journey of Santiago was not quite easy because he started as a blogger who wrote articles about Brazilian history. However, blogging opened doors for his investments. While blogging, he began engaging in film production. Establishment of Mangabeira shopping mall is also another major accomplishment by Mr. Roberto.


In 1987, Santiago was on a mission to buy land and develop an international shopping center. Fortunately, Roberto was able to actualize his plans in 1989 when he launched Manaira Shopping Mall. Some of the shopping options in this world-class center include concert halls, banks, fitness centers, and gaming rooms among others. As a result, people can get all their needs met under one roof. Pessoa residents are grateful for this shopping center because it makes their life entertaining. Shopping is also easy, and quality products are easily accessible.


Improvements have been made severally on Manaira Shopping Mall to increase customer satisfaction. The mall has been expanded to give room for future growth of businesses. The launch of Domus Hall was done in 2009. The hall has sufficient space to provide room for major conferences and ceremonies. The hall can accommodate 4000 people and is filled with high-quality equipment such as projectors and speakers. Numerous artists have performed in Domus hall.


Dr. Saad Saad Interview

Saad Saad is widely known as one of the best pediatric surgeons in America. He recently retired from K Hovnanian Children Hospital at Hackensack Meridian Healthcare System where he served as the Surgeon-in-Chief and Co-Medical Director. He is known by many as a humble person who has a heart for helping children and people at large. He has involved himself in various charity works within the United States and several other countries around the world.


Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait. He comes from a family of eight children all of which are successful in life. Three of his siblings are surgeons; two of them are Ph.D. holders, two Master Degree in engineering and one teacher. Saad Saad went to Cairo University in Egypt 47 years ago where he obtained his medical degree. He later moved to the United Kingdom for his internship before immigrating to the United States. While in the U.S, Saad Saad underwent his residency in surgery and pediatric surgery at USA Board Certified in pediatric surgery. He has been married for 42 years and has four children.


How did you find yourself in the medical profession?


While still growing up and schooling in Kuwait, I always dreamed of becoming an engineer like my two older brothers. However, at some point, I changed my mind especially because of the work environment in Kuwait which is very hot. Considering that engineering involves a lot of outdoor construction work, I got discouraged and decided that I would want to work in a cool environment with air conditioning. That is how I decided to become a doctor.


Who was your mentor?


I was lucky to have been a student of one of America’s greatest pediatric surgeons. His name was Dr. H Biemann Othersen. He taught me pediatric surgery at Charleston, SC. He also entrenched me with great values of life such as being kind to everyone and treating children equally without discrimination. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/


What trend in the medical industry excites you most?


It is interesting to see how genetics are transforming our ability to understand, prevent and treat chronic diseases such as cancer.


How do you come up with new ideas?


As a pediatric surgeon, research is the best way of acquiring new knowledge and any doctor can attest to that.


What advice would you give a young person aspiring to become a pediatric surgeon?


Anyone can attain their goals as long as they remain persistent.


Tell us something which is true but everyone else disagrees with you?


God is the one in charge of our lives


What book would you recommend anyone to read?


I would recommend any book about the life of President Abraham Lincoln. He was a great man who freed the slaves because believed that all men are equal before God.