Karl Heideck; An Expert Litigator

Litigation involves seeking a legal solution to a dispute. While most people believe that litigation implies to court proceedings, it does not. Litigation process may encompass an actual lawsuit, but it is not obligatory, as most cases seldom reach the trial stage.

First, a demand letter whose objective is to notify the accused that litigation is being enforced is issued. The letter often specifies conditions which must be met lest the rule of law is enacted. It is during this stage that investigations are conducted.

It is expected that the defendant and the plaintiff come to an agreement after the issuance of the demand letter. However, if they do not arbitrate, the case proceeds to the court. The accuser serves the judge with an official complaint who then issues a court order. The order is given to the accused, who then provides an answer, a process that sets the trial in motion.

After filing the lawsuit, the next stage is the discovery. This step involves the exchange of evidence by counsels from the opposing sides. Also called pre-trial, this process seeks to establish the sufficiency of the evidence presented.

Trial kicks in after discovery is closed. Here, both sides present their argument before a court of law, which is preside over by a judge, who is often assisted by a jury. Once both parties have been heard out, the magistrate or the jury delivers the verdict. If one side feels that the decision is unjust, they are usually allowed to file an appeal at a higher court.

The whole process is overseen by litigators, who acquire their education from law schools.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an accomplished litigator, having served in the legal industry for almost a decade. He attained a BA from the Swarthmore College. Karl Heideck later fulfilled his desire to become a litigator by receiving a Juris Doctor from the School of Law at Temple University Beasley.

Being a licensed attorney, Karl Heideck operates within Pennsylvania and Philadelphia state as a whole.

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How A Business Can Attract The Most Sales With Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

Every business owner or aspiring entrepreneur has to solve a lot of issues when it comes to their source of income. One of the major issues that they have to solve is how they are going to attract customers. This is in fact a major issue because they have to deal with all of the factors that play into the customers that they attract. This often leaves people at a loss on how to attract the customers. As a result, many businesses often die before they are started. Fortunately, there is one solution that is going to make everything work for the business owner.

One of the major solutions that people can look into is setting up a location at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. One of the reasons that this is a good idea is because Manaira Shopping mall is not only a big mall, but it is filled with plenty of attractions that will get people wanting to explore every inch of the mall. Therefore, business owners have a huge chance of actually bringing in some major sales. However, in order to maximize the sales, business owners have to make sure that they offering something that customers of the mall would want.

One of the reasons that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is very good for businesses is that the establishment offers plenty of spaces for different types of activities which includes concerts, theaters, lounges, bowling alleys, fitness gyms and plenty of other activities. While a business could rely on the success of Manaira Mall to bring in the customers, it is up to the company to do its own marketing for its location so that it can not only bring more customers to its location, but also bring in more customers to the mall.

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When it comes to businesses, it is important for the owner to make sure that he utilizes all of the advantages that he has available. With the right marketing and promotions, one is going to not only bring success to his own business, but also to the area that his business is located in. This is one example of why location is very important to the success of a business. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

Securus Technologies and GTL Face-Off – Setting the Facts Straight

Startups in numerous industries have been giving established giant corporations a run for their money thanks to their innovative approaches. In the civil and criminal technology industry, Securus Technologies, a relatively young company, has challenged giant GTL to a ‘technology face-off’.

Securus Technologies seems very confident that it will win and has already outlined all its strengths compared to GTL.


All Factors on the Table

Securus Technologies claims that it has overtaken its main competitor GTL in every aspect. It has even taken the liberty of highlighting factors that judges should consider when evaluating the companies’ performances. And, although this may seem audacious of the company, it is fascinating to see that the highlighted areas cover virtually every aspect of each company.

Product set – which is the best and largest?

Telephone calling platform – considering modern technology

The quality of customer care services


A quality and capital efficient platform

Securus Technologies’ confidence is largely based on its state-of-the-art technology. Like in most other industries, modern technology is a determinative competitive factor as it guarantees better quality services. Securus Technologies is relatively new compared to GTL, and it is constantly upgrading its technology. In fact, it claims that it has ploughed back over $700 million of its revenues into the company.

Looking at the numbers, Securus Technologies has nothing to prove as it is already giving GTL a run for its money. It loses about $1 to GTL, but it then makes back $4 for each dollar lost; it is well on its way to dominating the market. However, the company’s founder and CEO Richard Smith felt that he had to confront GTL for its claims that it was better than Securus Technologies.


Richard Smith was so confident that he urged GTL to save its face and turn down the challenge. However, the latter has not yet responded; hence the possibility of a face-off cannot be ruled out.