Career Progression of Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is an experienced professional recruiter currently working at Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank was founded in 1970 in Berlin, Germany, and today, it operates in over 70 countries all over the world. Currently, Ms. Zuckerberg serves as Deutsche Bank’s Vice President and Executive Recruiter. Julie is an experienced executive with high level skills, knowledge and expertise in the talent acquisition field.


Julie’s Responsibilities at Hudson


Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg began her professional career as a talent acquisition executive at Hudson in November 2002. She recruited candidates in different positions including managers, legal experts and support staff. She recruited them on permanent, contract or temporary basis. She recruited candidates for both large and small corporations, as well helping financial institutions recruit the most qualified financial professionals. She acted as a link between her clients and the candidates she recruited whenever work related issues arose. Ms. Zuckerberg also ensured the company complied with all legal and taxation requirements. Julie was also involved counseling and coaching employees, while at the same time helping in conflict resolutions.


After working at Hudson for five years, Ms. Julie Zuckerberg left the company in 2007, and moved to New York based Citi Global Consumer Bank. She was hired as an Executive Recruiter and her responsibilities included providing advisory to the management team on several recruitment strategies that were most effective for the company. In addition, Julie helped the management to analyze compensation trends in order to help the firm get an edge over its competitors on the market. She was involved in complex recruitment like equity buyout, immigration, relocation and clawbacks. She was fully in charge of international relocation and expatriate. Indeed, this is yet another skills possessed by Julie – her ability to source talents and candidates from different parts of the world. After she left Citi Global, she joined New York Life Insurance from 2013 to Feb. 2014.


Julie’s Work at Deutsche Bank


After a short stink at New York Life Insurance, Ms. Zuckerberg left and joined Deutsche Bank in 2015. Currently, she is serving as a Talent Acquisition Expert for the company. She is responsible for training and counseling all cadres of employees within the firm. In fact, Julie is involved in the recruitment of top management positions as well as leading negotiations. She has a vast range of responsibilities like recruitment, client management, business management, and also ensuring recruitment process in the firm is above board. Ms. Zuckerberg believes that when the right candidates are hired, it is a critical part of business success. For several years now, Julie has mastered the art and strategy of recruitment.


Zuckerberg’s Education History


For a person to achieve a successful career, he/she must have a good education background. Julie studied at the City University of NY-Brooklyn College, where she specialized in Philosophy. After graduating, Julie joined New York Law School to pursue her JD studies. During her early career life, Julie developed HR skills as she was involved in coaching others how to manage and acquire talents. She loves technology, since it has allowed her to be ahead of her competitors.


George Soros: A Modern Philanthropist On A Democratic Mission

People like to talk about George Soros. His name is constantly in the news, and his books are popular all over the world. The stories about his willingness to donate money through his Open Society Foundation are true. George has given more than $12 billion to hundreds of organizations through the years. Those organizations promote democratic principles and freedom in countries that are far from free. Soros has millions of supporters who stand behind his ideas and principles, but just like any other well-known public figure, there are people who don’t understand or agree with his work. Learn more on Biography about George

Trying to describe the 86-year-old George Soros isn’t easy. He is one of the wealthiest people in the world, and he started his life poor, in Hungary. He is the son of Jewish parents, and he knows what it feels like to be under Nazi control. George was able to get away from the Nazi, thanks to his father. Soros started a new life in England, and in 1947 he began his studies at the London School of Economics. He graduated with a degree in philosophy. While he attended that institution, he read the works of Karl Popper. Popper is the man who introduced the concept of an open society to the world. Today, Soros has honorary doctoral degrees from Yale, the University of Oxford, and the Budapest University of Economics.

Know more:

Even though Soros is one of the top hedge fund managers in the financial industry, he is not as active as he was ten years ago. The Soros Family Hedge Fund still has billion in assets under management, but George is not the same capitalist who broke the “Bank of England.” George Soros is on a Democratic mission. He is putting his money and his influence to work to help put the Democratic Party in a position to run the country again. Even though George invested in Donald Trump’s Chicago hotel, he is against what Trump stands for in the political arena. George donated more than $12 million to Democratic candidates in the last election. Hillary Clinton’s PACs received a big chunk of that donation. Clinton is a friend, and she is a supporter of the Open Society concept.

Mr. Soros is not afraid to tell the European Union that they mishandled the migration crisis, and he is not afraid to tell the world that there is a major recession looming over the heads of developed nations around the world. Soros is right more than he is wrong, and he doesn’t back down when he is attacked by the media or a political enemy. Soros is his own man, and he wants the world to know that freedom and Democracy are alive and thriving. Know more on about George Soros.

Richard Mishaan Design brings Creativity at its Best with a Fusion of Antiques with Modern Decors

Richard Mishaan Design, a prominent architectural and interior designing firm in New York, adds the creativity to interiors by using a fusion of antiques with modern decors. Its founder and the leading interior designer in the city, Richard Mishaan, confirmed his love towards carefully curated antiques, decorative objects, and vintage pieces with bold patterns and colors. Interestingly, he has written two books named Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury, and both are serving as an excellent reference cum source for latest trends, techniques, and diverse ideas of interior designing.

Each interior is an experiment lab for Richard Mishaan; he explained how he transformed a Show House into a unique and impressive one. For him, the inspiration is a room or hall that was collected over a period similar to some old houses in Florence or Venice with artisan’s workmanship along with velvets and silks layered. Additionally, there would have treasured items collected over the time with the concept of a curator creating a wonderful museum. In the given short span of time, Mishaan shortlisted the contents with discipline and applied an eclecticism that can add to the uniqueness of the room. He also stated that all of his homes have libraries with similar influences, and that entertains the family members the most.

He also used animal prints in yards and silk velvet, Fortuny fabrics, and woven tapes and cords to create a great background for the room’s décor. Richard Mishaan also used a wall covering which is printed in London with Topkapi Palace imaged along with Orientalist art and a specially painted contemporary Audubon by Walton Ford. Each item in the room speaks the story of generations, and people would find a great journey to those years while they are inside the room.

Richard Mishaan Design applied a simple logic here that designs which are based on heritage would create a legacy that can go beyond styles and trends and become pure and timeless. Richard Mishaan is also known for his affinity towards the craftworks on porcelain, other decorative arts, and handmade artisanal textiles as he believes that it gives an environment stand out.

Discover yourself with Wild Ark

What is it about looking out on a snowy wilderness as far as your eyes can see? Does it awaken something natural within you? Many of us desire to escape the humdrum of the freeways and the constant nagging of our demanding schedule. We wish to center ourselves and peacefully flourish. Thankfully there are still places throughout the world that have not been overtaken by asphalt and concrete; These places not only complement our technological intellect but show respect to our planet by not encroaching or polluting any further.Learn more :


One of these such places is Blue Lagoon, Iceland. There is a spa that harnesses geothermal energy to provide electricity and heated water. Eco-conscious locations like these show our ability to harmonize with nature if we try.


Now maybe Iceland is a bit out of the way for a much-needed vacation covered in snow. How quickly we forget about Alaska. Wild Ark can not only take you there but help you immerse yourself in all that the frontier has to offer. Alaska Sportsmans Lodge is beautifully located in Bristol Bay, Alaska south of Anchorage. Running wild and clear is the river Kvlchak, if you’re a fishing enthusiast you know what that means…salmon, wild and aggressive.


Wild Ark has what you need to customize your fishing experience by providing unlimited access to a fishing guide. Tell your guide what kind of fishing and how long. A clear river, fishing, and the wilderness, what else could a fisherman really ask for? How about fresh cabins and a wood burning sauna? It seems you would be hard pressed to find a reason not to visit Bristol Bay.Learn more:


A closer look at Wild Ark will reveal their affinity for not only locating these treasured locations on our planet. But also spreading awareness about the much-needed conservation of such areas. Wild Ark has a heavy footprint in Africa providing life-changing experiences covering everything from wilderness skills development to once in a lifetime photography opportunities. Wild Ark spreads knowledge and inspires other’s to seek their roots.Learn more :