EOS Flavors and Beyond!

My Favorite – Passionfruit

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Our unique variety of Passionfruit merchandise – traditionally printed with quality labeled art of the finest quality and includes a beautiful picture of the fruit flavor displayed next to each purchase box – is an absolute must-have for any lip balm collection.

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Buy any EOS flavor, and you’ll love the beautiful design of these ball-shaped roll-ons, not to mention the phenomenal taste they leave on your lips.


My Experiences with EOS

I’ve been to Belize in the last three months and am planning a return cruise there this summer as well as Harvest Caye. I grew up and live in Colorado, not too far from Vail. I have been there countless times and participated in numerous snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding and other tourist weekend attractions. I have been into boarding since I was around 11 and love every minute of it; I know the surrounding areas quite well. You want to know the best part? Read this related article at blogwebpedia.com.

Here’s the kicker: I have been to these places in my imagination, but let me explain. The EOS flavors have taken me there. Just open up a Strawberry Sorbet, close your eyes, and feel yourself in the beaches of Florida or behind a beautiful fruit garden. Open a Summer Fruit or Sweet Mint and let it take you to a Caribbean beach paradise, or at least let your lips tell you of the experience as your mind wanders with it. Learn from this video youtube.com.

This, for me, has been a hobby and a joy in endless bliss. Through my experiences, I’ve been able to evaluate which flavors work for me, based on my personal experiences, preferences and knowledge base. What has worked for me may not work for another. Try numerous flavors. EOS delivers.

Come and see this amazing video here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY7C3LEFeM.

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