The Quincy Shootings

The Quincy Apartments at 120 Neilson Street located in New Brunswick, NJ with approximately 200 apartments, have had multiple shootings. One, on May 7th of 2013 was a phony phone call for a pizza delivery. The gentleman delivering the pizza was leaving the apartment where the lessee said he never ordered pizza when three men surprised him, held him at gun point, and stole his money, his wallet and the pizza.

Officials took four months to solve the crime, but, due to persistence, found the man responsible for the pizza order due to technological footprints and was then able to trace the other perpetrators. One young man, the twenty-one year leader of the robbery, Parysh Wood, charged with robbery where prosecutors expect further arrests and convictions.

Shootings, theft, illegal weapons, and crime have become common place in the Quincy apartments. Another shooting on October 7th, 2015 where four gun shots were heard leaving one man hospitalized.

On January 24th, 2017 police are still watching the Quincy as suspects have been reported to commit a string of robberies while the victims are robbed walking from their cars to their home. The last incident was an unarmed robbery where the suspects are not similar in appearances. An even more recent robbery left a woman held at gunpoint while leaving the Dollar Tree. The difference in this robbery is the woman was walking form work to her car versus from her car to home. However, police are still trying to determine if these robberies are related and solve the crimes.

As the investigation continues, police ask anyone with information regarding these robberies to call 617-745-5766.

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