Karl Heideck Voices Support For Pennsylvania Car Seat Laws

Attorney Karl Heideck recently took the time to write an article discussing updates to Pennsylvania’s car seat laws. State legislatures have made it clear in recent years that providing more protection for childen on the state’s roads is a major priority. One published report by AAA named auto accidents as a leading cause of death for babies and small children.

The most recent change to Pennsylvania car seat laws became active August 12, 2006. State legislature now mandates that all children two years and younger must be secured in a car seat. Also, car seats must be facing the rear of the vehicle. Studies have shown that when car seats face the rear of the vehicle they provide added protection for children.

In the past year, non compliant motorists in the state of Pennsylvania have been issued warnings for not properly securing children in vehicles. However, this one year grace period has expired. Violators of Pennsylvania’s newest car seat laws will now be issued citations and fines. The current fine is $125.

An added element to this newly enacted law is that all children under eight years old is required to also be seated in a booster seat. Exceptions for this statute are made for children who are taller than 4 feet 9 inches tall or who weight 80 pounds. The fine for this violation is $75.

Attorney Karl Heideck stresses the importance for parents across the state of Pennsylvania to carefully review the state’s newly enacted laws. Heideck also explains it is imperative for parents to ensure that they are in possession of compliant car seats as many older models, as well as some newer models, have been recalled by manufactures. It is safe to assume that most car seats older than five years old are no longer compliant with current safety standards in the state of Pennsylvania.

Karl Heideck is a 2009 graduate of Temple University’s Beasley School of Law where he graduated with honors while earning a Juris Doctor degree. Before Temple law school, Heideck attended Swarthmore college where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in English. Heideck has specialized in civil litigation, intellectual property law, commercial litigation, and employment law while faithfully serving the greater Philadelphia area for more than a decade. Karl Heideck stands in support and has openly praised Pennsylvania lawmakers’ attempts to make the state’s roads safer for children. karl Heideck also hopes that other states will follow the lead of Pennsylvania so that roads throughout the nation can be safer places for children. Visit karl heideck at crunchbase.com


The Great Achievements of Karl Heideck

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Karl Heideck has brought significant revolutions in the field of law since he graduated from James E. Beagley School of Law at Temple University. Besides his exclusive advocations on legal matters in the area, Karl is also an author at and contributes various scholarly articles and also gives his insights across multiple blog posts concerning the law. Karl has always had a great passion towards working together with his team of employees, to share helpful information and advice concerning legal matters affecting them, to ensure that they both curb the problem before it becomes worse.

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Karl Heideck And His Role In Litigation

The litigation lawyers are the ones that mostly represent the criminal clients, individuals with cases of personal injury, and also real estate firms. They take the time to get ready for any trial. These cases are mostly handled in court. When the criminal proceedings happen, the defendant will need to take a plea deal. In the event of the personal injury and the civil cases, the plaintiffs will at most times accept a settlement.

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Karl Heideck claims that he always wants to see other people succeed. He has released a guide that helps the new litigation attorneys to know how they can attain their goals. The guide emphasizes why it is important for one to make the connection and be honest and kind. The successful litigators are the ones who are known for having respect for others and always ready to offer help. Karl also says that one needs to think about things when selecting a specialty.

Karl Heideck specializes in the compliance and risk management field. He is known to be very talented and persistent. He has a lot of experience being a successful litigator. He has been listed with the Hire Council. He has been serving as a member since the year 2015. He is dedicated to offering his services in the field of litigation. He is also a consultant and an adviser. He is also talented at writing, and he consistently posts articles on his blog. The blog aims at explaining the legal changes and news to the public. He, however, mostly focuses on the residents of Pennsylvania.

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Karl Heideck; An Expert Litigator

Litigation involves seeking a legal solution to a dispute. While most people believe that litigation implies to court proceedings, it does not. Litigation process may encompass an actual lawsuit, but it is not obligatory, as most cases seldom reach the trial stage.

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It is expected that the defendant and the plaintiff come to an agreement after the issuance of the demand letter. However, if they do not arbitrate, the case proceeds to the court. The accuser serves the judge with an official complaint who then issues a court order. The order is given to the accused, who then provides an answer, a process that sets the trial in motion.

After filing the lawsuit, the next stage is the discovery. This step involves the exchange of evidence by counsels from the opposing sides. Also called pre-trial, this process seeks to establish the sufficiency of the evidence presented.

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The whole process is overseen by litigators, who acquire their education from law schools.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an accomplished litigator, having served in the legal industry for almost a decade. He attained a BA from the Swarthmore College. Karl Heideck later fulfilled his desire to become a litigator by receiving a Juris Doctor from the School of Law at Temple University Beasley.

Being a licensed attorney, Karl Heideck operates within Pennsylvania and Philadelphia state as a whole.

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