Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

The Brazilian butt lift has become the most popular procedure for uplifting your buttocks. The procedure includes transferring excess fat to your buttocks. When you have the surgery, you can expect to have a rounder and shapelier backside. This is an excellent option for patients that are not satisfied with their buttocks.


North Texas Surgery in Dallas, TX offers the Brazilian butt lift. They know that many people believe their buttocks are not round or plump enough. For instance, losing weight can cause your buttocks to lose shape. The Brazilian butt lift will get rid of sagging skin and give buttocks a more defined shape. Patients can choose to have a tummy tuck or breast lift during the procedure to achieve maximum body contouring.


Your Brazilian butt lift can be performed by Dr. Michael L. Thornton in Dallas, TX. He will not allow patients to have the procedure unless they are healthy. To qualify for surgery, you must have loose skin and excess fat. Furthermore, you must have attempted to lose weight with diet and exercise. The procedure requires the administration of anesthesia, so certain restrictions apply to candidates. You are not allowed to smoke for a required time before and after the surgery.


Patients need to have additional fat because the procedure requires fat excision. If you are underweight, you need to gain weight for the procedure. The cost for the

Brazilian butt lift ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on your procedure. Some people choose to have more complicated procedures that include butt implants.


Once you have your procedure, you will gain the confidence that you have always desired. You must follow the guidelines and post-operative instructions after the surgery to ensure the best results. The Brazilian butt lift is a medical procedure and requirements need to be taken seriously.


Dr. David Samadi Takes Us Along On His Unique Journey

Highly skilled surgeon and prostrate cancer expert, Dr. David Samadi recently put his thoughts about his career into words. He revealed how even as a young boy he wanted to become a doctor so he could help others. Dr. David Samadi and his brother Dan were born and raised in Iran’s Persian Jewish community. Following the Iranian Revolution they were separated from their family and went to Belgium and London to continue their education before travelling to America.

After graduating from Stony Brook University in New York with his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Dr. Samadi completed his residency at Montefiore Medical Center. He went on to complete his fellowship in urology oncology from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Currently the Chairman of the Urology Department at Lenox Hill Hospital and Chief of Robotic Surgery, Dr. Samadi revealed how he strives to focus on the constructive strengths in his life and career. He focuses on attaining positive goals and staying away from factors like negativity and jealousy. According to Dr. Samadi, he does all he can to help everyone feel good about themselves. He accomplishes this by acting toward his staff as if they were family, sharing good times as well as bad.

During his interview, he called attention to advances in technologies over the years and how physicians can achieve better results by making use of the technologies. He recommended people invest in telesurgery, telemedicine and related technologies. Dr. Samadi referred to what he considers his greatest accomplishment, the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART), which he developed and which lets him carry out more precise surgeries and avert nerve damage. The inventive technique trims surgical time down to less than two hours while decreasing hospital recuperation time to less than 24 hours.

When describing a typical day of his, Dr. Samadi said it usually starts before 5 a.m. and he arrives at his office about an hour later. He found he is very productive during the morning hours and spends time to talk with his patients after his medical procedures have been accomplished. Dr. Samadi, who has completed more than 7,000 surgeries, revealed that many of his clients recommend him to other patients.

Dr. Samadi disclosed that even though hospital work can be complicated every now and then, the encouraging results have always inspired him. As well as his career as a doctor and international lecturer, Dr. Samadi was a medical correspondent for Fox News Channel’s Sunday House Call show and he writes about health news on his website’s blog.

Mikhail Blagosklonny and About the Role of Oncologists in the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

When it comes to cancer treatment and prevention, Oncologists today have a great responsibility in not just treating their patients, but with providing them with the right information to help in cancer prevention. More organizations are looking into involving clinical oncologists in the work of cancer assessment and cancer prevention counseling. It is their role to identify the individuals with cancer genes and provide preventive drugs. Oncologists need to keep themselves updated about the latest evidence of cancer prevention drugs and strategies by participating in the cancer courses and clinical trials as well. With the knowledge of cancer genes and carcinogenesis expanding, it is essential for oncologists to be actively involved in such researches. Visit ResearchGate to keep up to date with Mikhail’s latest work.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is on the forefront of such studies and takes an active part in various cancer clinical processes. He is committed to educating his students about providing cancer prevention counseling, assessing individuals with cancer risks and to actively participate in community-based activities for prevention of cancer. He performs studies on cancer therapies and is responsible for designing treatments that can help protect the healthy cells from being damaged by cancer genes. He also examines the process of aging and the use of pharmaceutical products that can help prevent aging of the skin and increasing the lives of people.

Mikhail Blagosklonny had in interest in the medical field from a young age. After passing high school, he went to the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg to earn his M.D. and Ph.D. both. His M.D. was in internal medicine, while he received his Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology. Because of his dedication and hard work, he quickly secured a position as an associate professional of medicine in New York Medical College. He then went on to become a senior scientist at the renowned Ordway Research Institute. In the year, he was offered a position at Roswell Park Cancer Institute which he happily accepted. He is regarded as one of the best professors at the Institute as he is always ready to help his students and to guide them in case they get stuck with their research. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar