Richard Mishaan Design brings Creativity at its Best with a Fusion of Antiques with Modern Decors

Richard Mishaan Design, a prominent architectural and interior designing firm in New York, adds the creativity to interiors by using a fusion of antiques with modern decors. Its founder and the leading interior designer in the city, Richard Mishaan, confirmed his love towards carefully curated antiques, decorative objects, and vintage pieces with bold patterns and colors. Interestingly, he has written two books named Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury, and both are serving as an excellent reference cum source for latest trends, techniques, and diverse ideas of interior designing.

Each interior is an experiment lab for Richard Mishaan; he explained how he transformed a Show House into a unique and impressive one. For him, the inspiration is a room or hall that was collected over a period similar to some old houses in Florence or Venice with artisan’s workmanship along with velvets and silks layered. Additionally, there would have treasured items collected over the time with the concept of a curator creating a wonderful museum. In the given short span of time, Mishaan shortlisted the contents with discipline and applied an eclecticism that can add to the uniqueness of the room. He also stated that all of his homes have libraries with similar influences, and that entertains the family members the most.

He also used animal prints in yards and silk velvet, Fortuny fabrics, and woven tapes and cords to create a great background for the room’s décor. Richard Mishaan also used a wall covering which is printed in London with Topkapi Palace imaged along with Orientalist art and a specially painted contemporary Audubon by Walton Ford. Each item in the room speaks the story of generations, and people would find a great journey to those years while they are inside the room.

Richard Mishaan Design applied a simple logic here that designs which are based on heritage would create a legacy that can go beyond styles and trends and become pure and timeless. Richard Mishaan is also known for his affinity towards the craftworks on porcelain, other decorative arts, and handmade artisanal textiles as he believes that it gives an environment stand out.