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What is it about looking out on a snowy wilderness as far as your eyes can see? Does it awaken something natural within you? Many of us desire to escape the humdrum of the freeways and the constant nagging of our demanding schedule. We wish to center ourselves and peacefully flourish. Thankfully there are still places throughout the world that have not been overtaken by asphalt and concrete; These places not only complement our technological intellect but show respect to our planet by not encroaching or polluting any further.Learn more :


One of these such places is Blue Lagoon, Iceland. There is a spa that harnesses geothermal energy to provide electricity and heated water. Eco-conscious locations like these show our ability to harmonize with nature if we try.


Now maybe Iceland is a bit out of the way for a much-needed vacation covered in snow. How quickly we forget about Alaska. Wild Ark can not only take you there but help you immerse yourself in all that the frontier has to offer. Alaska Sportsmans Lodge is beautifully located in Bristol Bay, Alaska south of Anchorage. Running wild and clear is the river Kvlchak, if you’re a fishing enthusiast you know what that means…salmon, wild and aggressive.


Wild Ark has what you need to customize your fishing experience by providing unlimited access to a fishing guide. Tell your guide what kind of fishing and how long. A clear river, fishing, and the wilderness, what else could a fisherman really ask for? How about fresh cabins and a wood burning sauna? It seems you would be hard pressed to find a reason not to visit Bristol Bay.Learn more:


A closer look at Wild Ark will reveal their affinity for not only locating these treasured locations on our planet. But also spreading awareness about the much-needed conservation of such areas. Wild Ark has a heavy footprint in Africa providing life-changing experiences covering everything from wilderness skills development to once in a lifetime photography opportunities. Wild Ark spreads knowledge and inspires other’s to seek their roots.Learn more :