Dr. Saad Saad Interview

Saad Saad is widely known as one of the best pediatric surgeons in America. He recently retired from K Hovnanian Children Hospital at Hackensack Meridian Healthcare System where he served as the Surgeon-in-Chief and Co-Medical Director. He is known by many as a humble person who has a heart for helping children and people at large. He has involved himself in various charity works within the United States and several other countries around the world.


Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait. He comes from a family of eight children all of which are successful in life. Three of his siblings are surgeons; two of them are Ph.D. holders, two Master Degree in engineering and one teacher. Saad Saad went to Cairo University in Egypt 47 years ago where he obtained his medical degree. He later moved to the United Kingdom for his internship before immigrating to the United States. While in the U.S, Saad Saad underwent his residency in surgery and pediatric surgery at USA Board Certified in pediatric surgery. He has been married for 42 years and has four children.


How did you find yourself in the medical profession?


While still growing up and schooling in Kuwait, I always dreamed of becoming an engineer like my two older brothers. However, at some point, I changed my mind especially because of the work environment in Kuwait which is very hot. Considering that engineering involves a lot of outdoor construction work, I got discouraged and decided that I would want to work in a cool environment with air conditioning. That is how I decided to become a doctor.


Who was your mentor?


I was lucky to have been a student of one of America’s greatest pediatric surgeons. His name was Dr. H Biemann Othersen. He taught me pediatric surgery at Charleston, SC. He also entrenched me with great values of life such as being kind to everyone and treating children equally without discrimination. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/


What trend in the medical industry excites you most?


It is interesting to see how genetics are transforming our ability to understand, prevent and treat chronic diseases such as cancer.


How do you come up with new ideas?


As a pediatric surgeon, research is the best way of acquiring new knowledge and any doctor can attest to that.


What advice would you give a young person aspiring to become a pediatric surgeon?


Anyone can attain their goals as long as they remain persistent.


Tell us something which is true but everyone else disagrees with you?


God is the one in charge of our lives


What book would you recommend anyone to read?


I would recommend any book about the life of President Abraham Lincoln. He was a great man who freed the slaves because believed that all men are equal before God.