Another Year, Another Acquisition For Securus Technologies

Dallas, Texas-based Securus Technologies has announced that the technology company has agreed to purchase GovPayNet. The electronic payment processor is just the latest acquisition for the holding company and aligns their existing payment processing business with JPay. The combined capability of the company will allow for over 40 million payments to be processed annually. GovPayNet has been in business since 1997 and provides electronic debit and credit processing for over 2,300 government agencies in over 35 states. The Indianapolis-based company processes a number of payments such as cash bail, property taxes, traffic fines, and probation fees. Mark MacKenzie is the CEO of GovPayNet and will remain in his position at the company.


Securus Technologies is a holding company with over 20 wholly-owned subsidiaries that provide technology-based solutions for corrections facilities and law enforcement agencies both in the United States and Mexico. They have a U.S.-based call center with over 220 employees and over 1,000 other employees in four offices in Texas and Georgia. The company was formed in 1986 and is the leading provider of technology services such as inmate self-services, inmate and parolee tracking systems, cellular blocking technology, electronic payment processing, biometric analysis, and more. The company’s CEO and President is Robert “Bob” Pickens, who was seated to the position on January 1, 2018.

Contributions of Securus Technologies to the Security Sector

Securus Technologies is one of the most prestigious companies in the United States that offers inmate communication solutions in the United States. The firm is in Dallas, Texas and serves over three hundred thousand correctional facilities in the country. Securus technologies have over the past years offered connection solutions to close to two million inmates in the entire part of North America and has always relied on technology heavily to provide their services. The firm not only offers communication services to inmates but also caters for the law enforcement in the public sector, biometric analysis, provides general information, among many other services.

The firm offers onsite video visitation as well as stay at home video visitations, which are usually conducted under strict rules. The onsite video visitations enable one to travel to the correctional facilities that their loved ones are incarnated ad speak to them at the specified time. A lot of security is observed in such visitations ad in cases where one fails to book their visitation hours on time; they are likely to wait for some time before seeing their loved ones. Besides, the at-home video visitation is more convenient for individuals living far away from the correctional units and allows them to quickly speak to their loved ones as long as they follow the right procedures. The requirement to submit information and identity of the speaker by secures technologies increases the security level in the correctional units. The video visits able family members to schedule more visits in a given period and also reduces their chances of being followed up by goons.

Securus technologies have also received a series of awards for their exceptional contributions to the correctional units and were recently honored for both team and individual accomplishments. The awards received are evidence of the reason why the firm is the leading provider in the correctional and law enforcement sector.


Securus Technologies and GTL Face-Off – Setting the Facts Straight

Startups in numerous industries have been giving established giant corporations a run for their money thanks to their innovative approaches. In the civil and criminal technology industry, Securus Technologies, a relatively young company, has challenged giant GTL to a ‘technology face-off’.

Securus Technologies seems very confident that it will win and has already outlined all its strengths compared to GTL.


All Factors on the Table

Securus Technologies claims that it has overtaken its main competitor GTL in every aspect. It has even taken the liberty of highlighting factors that judges should consider when evaluating the companies’ performances. And, although this may seem audacious of the company, it is fascinating to see that the highlighted areas cover virtually every aspect of each company.

Product set – which is the best and largest?

Telephone calling platform – considering modern technology

The quality of customer care services


A quality and capital efficient platform

Securus Technologies’ confidence is largely based on its state-of-the-art technology. Like in most other industries, modern technology is a determinative competitive factor as it guarantees better quality services. Securus Technologies is relatively new compared to GTL, and it is constantly upgrading its technology. In fact, it claims that it has ploughed back over $700 million of its revenues into the company.

Looking at the numbers, Securus Technologies has nothing to prove as it is already giving GTL a run for its money. It loses about $1 to GTL, but it then makes back $4 for each dollar lost; it is well on its way to dominating the market. However, the company’s founder and CEO Richard Smith felt that he had to confront GTL for its claims that it was better than Securus Technologies.


Richard Smith was so confident that he urged GTL to save its face and turn down the challenge. However, the latter has not yet responded; hence the possibility of a face-off cannot be ruled out.