Stay Positive and Find Success: The Doe Deere Method

If you ask Doe Deere about her makeup company Lime Crime, she will say that it’s been her dream to find as much success and reach as many people as she has. Her line of makeup ranges from eye shadows and glitters to lipsticks and hair color, meaning that there is truly something for everyone available… but why is it such a successful company?

For starters, Deere is still completely involved with every aspect of the creation and distribution of each product, even almost a decade after it was started. This means that before a color goes into production, or a lipstick gets packaged, Deere has the final say-so, giving her control over how her products work, feel, can be used and look. This level of involvement means that every single thing that goes out has her approval.

Every product in the line of makeup and hair care items is 100% cruelty free, which is something that Deere believes in strongly. This means that these items can be used by anyone that wants to try them out; there are no limitations for Vegan individuals, meaning that this is a makeup brand that promotes and takes diversity into account before the products even reach the hands of the consumer.

Deere’s goal when she first began Lime Crime was to create something that wasn’t readily available elsewhere… and she succeeded. The colors and options are vibrant, long lasting and gorgeous; they promote individuality and self expression, and encourage wearers to be themselves, no matter the situation. Even though being able to provide these things to people was Deere’s dream, finding ways to use them is a dream that many customers of the company have, too. It can be hard to find the perfect makeup to create meaningful looks, especially if people want to go against the grain – but it’s possible with these products. Learn more:

Throughout all of the experiences that Deere has had since creating the company, she hasn’t ever given up or strayed from her initial desires. She’s worked hard to create and release products that she believes in, but also that others can believe in, too. While Deere may have been giving the people what they want, she’s also been working hard to give herself what she wants, too: the ability to influence people’s makeup preferences and choices on a daily basis.

Career Progression of Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is an experienced professional recruiter currently working at Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank was founded in 1970 in Berlin, Germany, and today, it operates in over 70 countries all over the world. Currently, Ms. Zuckerberg serves as Deutsche Bank’s Vice President and Executive Recruiter. Julie is an experienced executive with high level skills, knowledge and expertise in the talent acquisition field.


Julie’s Responsibilities at Hudson


Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg began her professional career as a talent acquisition executive at Hudson in November 2002. She recruited candidates in different positions including managers, legal experts and support staff. She recruited them on permanent, contract or temporary basis. She recruited candidates for both large and small corporations, as well helping financial institutions recruit the most qualified financial professionals. She acted as a link between her clients and the candidates she recruited whenever work related issues arose. Ms. Zuckerberg also ensured the company complied with all legal and taxation requirements. Julie was also involved counseling and coaching employees, while at the same time helping in conflict resolutions.


After working at Hudson for five years, Ms. Julie Zuckerberg left the company in 2007, and moved to New York based Citi Global Consumer Bank. She was hired as an Executive Recruiter and her responsibilities included providing advisory to the management team on several recruitment strategies that were most effective for the company. In addition, Julie helped the management to analyze compensation trends in order to help the firm get an edge over its competitors on the market. She was involved in complex recruitment like equity buyout, immigration, relocation and clawbacks. She was fully in charge of international relocation and expatriate. Indeed, this is yet another skills possessed by Julie – her ability to source talents and candidates from different parts of the world. After she left Citi Global, she joined New York Life Insurance from 2013 to Feb. 2014.


Julie’s Work at Deutsche Bank


After a short stink at New York Life Insurance, Ms. Zuckerberg left and joined Deutsche Bank in 2015. Currently, she is serving as a Talent Acquisition Expert for the company. She is responsible for training and counseling all cadres of employees within the firm. In fact, Julie is involved in the recruitment of top management positions as well as leading negotiations. She has a vast range of responsibilities like recruitment, client management, business management, and also ensuring recruitment process in the firm is above board. Ms. Zuckerberg believes that when the right candidates are hired, it is a critical part of business success. For several years now, Julie has mastered the art and strategy of recruitment.


Zuckerberg’s Education History


For a person to achieve a successful career, he/she must have a good education background. Julie studied at the City University of NY-Brooklyn College, where she specialized in Philosophy. After graduating, Julie joined New York Law School to pursue her JD studies. During her early career life, Julie developed HR skills as she was involved in coaching others how to manage and acquire talents. She loves technology, since it has allowed her to be ahead of her competitors.