Dr. David Samadi Takes Us Along On His Unique Journey

Highly skilled surgeon and prostrate cancer expert, Dr. David Samadi recently put his thoughts about his career into words. He revealed how even as a young boy he wanted to become a doctor so he could help others. Dr. David Samadi and his brother Dan were born and raised in Iran’s Persian Jewish community. Following the Iranian Revolution they were separated from their family and went to Belgium and London to continue their education before travelling to America.

After graduating from Stony Brook University in New York with his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Dr. Samadi completed his residency at Montefiore Medical Center. He went on to complete his fellowship in urology oncology from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Currently the Chairman of the Urology Department at Lenox Hill Hospital and Chief of Robotic Surgery, Dr. Samadi revealed how he strives to focus on the constructive strengths in his life and career. He focuses on attaining positive goals and staying away from factors like negativity and jealousy. According to Dr. Samadi, he does all he can to help everyone feel good about themselves. He accomplishes this by acting toward his staff as if they were family, sharing good times as well as bad.

During his interview, he called attention to advances in technologies over the years and how physicians can achieve better results by making use of the technologies. He recommended people invest in telesurgery, telemedicine and related technologies. Dr. Samadi referred to what he considers his greatest accomplishment, the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART), which he developed and which lets him carry out more precise surgeries and avert nerve damage. The inventive technique trims surgical time down to less than two hours while decreasing hospital recuperation time to less than 24 hours.

When describing a typical day of his, Dr. Samadi said it usually starts before 5 a.m. and he arrives at his office about an hour later. He found he is very productive during the morning hours and spends time to talk with his patients after his medical procedures have been accomplished. Dr. Samadi, who has completed more than 7,000 surgeries, revealed that many of his clients recommend him to other patients.

Dr. Samadi disclosed that even though hospital work can be complicated every now and then, the encouraging results have always inspired him. As well as his career as a doctor and international lecturer, Dr. Samadi was a medical correspondent for Fox News Channel’s Sunday House Call show and he writes about health news on his website’s blog.

Dick DeVos Shines his Vision in Michigan With True Vigor

Dick DeVos’ spirit has shined a light in several ways. Some of these moments have probably happened within the confines of his home, but there are other moments that affected his hometown. One example of the way DeVos has changed the course of a particular action in his hometown was back in 1991. There was a plan to build a multi-purpose sports arena in the downtown area of the city.


DeVos remembered just how hurtful the sports arena in Detroit was for the city, and he was afraid that this new planned construction would hurt Grand Rapids, too. DeVos was the CEO of Amway Corp plus the heir to his family’s fortune, so he felt he had enough money to lobby against the construction of this sports arena.


The fight against this arena created the Grand Action group, which consists of a number of successful business people from the city. This group worked on a number of effective projects, such as the Grand Rapids City Market and the DeVos Performance Hall. All of these projects revolutionized the city and made it the eclectic city it is today.


DeVos saw how powerful his voice can be, backed with his fortune, and he continued to flex his muscles. His strength only grew when he married Betsy, who was also an heiress. Both of these individuals have used their power to further their political views and change laws within the state to favor their wishes. The two have focused mostly on education and laws regarding labor. One of the changes that DeVos is most proud of is cutting the idea that people had to be members of a labor union in order to be employed. The program was called the ‘right-to-work’ program, and it reversed the power that organized labor had within the state.


The power couple also did a lot to try to change education and the way it was provided to the people of this country. For one, the two wanted to make sure that families benefited from the voucher program. This particular program would give families the choice to use these vouchers to go to any school they wanted to in addition to public schools, like private school or religious schools. A lot of what this family has fought for has been successful, not to say that they have not suffered severe setbacks. For example, Dick tried to run for governor of his state, but he lost against Jennifer Granholm in 2006. Learn more: http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/excellence_in_philanthropy/interview_with_betsy_devos

How Rick Smith Helped Transform Securus Technologies

You cannot talk about communication in the prison without mentioning Rick Smith. Who is Rick Smith? He is the current President and CEO of a leading prison communication tech firm, Securus Technologies. Since he took over as President, Rick has managed to transform Securus into an invincible force that no other company in the prison communication world can match. The tech company now provides top-class prison communication services while ensuring safety in both the prison and the outside world. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on glassdoor.com.

The Notable Changes When Rick Took Over

When Rick was named as the CEO of Securus eight years ago, many people doubted if he could help Securus achieve its goal of being the best in the prison industry. They could not understand how an engineer who had not worked in the prison industry before would help make Securus a force to reckon with. They thought that he would bring the company down. A few months after he took over the leadership of Securus, however, it became evident that Rick Smith was what Securus needed to succeeded.

Mr. Rick introduced several strategies that would help Securus attract more clients, improve customer retention, and ensure customer satisfaction. His strategies worked. It was clear that they would help transform Securus into a money-making and innovative tech firm. Soon, Rick Smith Securus expanded its client-base and penetrated more regions. The tech executive also introduced a new policy that allowed him to be in charge of the employee recruitment process. According to Rick, being part of this process enabled him to ensure only the best talents are brought on board.

Just recently, Rick added Jim Bill to his team. Jim is an influential sales expert who has helped many companies, both local and international, sell their new products and expand their client base. According to Rick, bringing Jim on board was necessary as it would help Securus sell its new products easily and also help the company strengthen its relationship with its clients.

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Rick’s Career

Before he joined Securus Technologies, Rick worked for a well-known telecommunication Company, Global Crossing, where he served in different senior positions. He worked at Global Crossing for 26 years. During his stint at Global Crossing, Rick, thanks to his relentless efforts, helped grow the company’s revenue by $300 million.

Smith has also served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Echelons Telecommunication. He held this position until 1999. In 2000, Rick was appointed as Echelons’s Chief Operating Officer and held the post for three years. He then joined the team at Midwest Telephone Operations, where he served the company’s Vice President. In the summer of 2008, the exceptional CEO joined Securus Technologies after he was appointed as a member of the Board of Management. He was later appointed as the CEO of the reputable tech giant. Read more at securus.net about Rick Smith Securus.

Fabletics and the Power of Crowdsourcing

Shoppers, today are tech savvy and this has brought new challenges to online companies. The art of online business has evolved to include the influence of crowdsourcing or checking reviews before shopping at a company or making a purchase. This aspect of online shopping has developed rapidly over the past few years as statistics show that one half of customers surveyed say they research a company at least once a month. 50% of those surveyed say they read reviews regularly before making a purchase.


Fabletics, an active wear company, co-owned by Kate Hudson has become adept at meeting the new challenges of online shopping. Created in 2013, Fabletics operates on the idea of encouraging memberships that allow the company to send customized clothing choices once a month to its customers. The company also recognizes the importance of highlighting reviews from actual customers. Hudson and the company know the value of positive feedback and its effect on shoppers. Fabletics has grown 200% to over $235 million in revenue and more than one million paying members.


In order to succeed in today’s market, a company must embrace user’s reviews and leverage the crowd by emphasizing positive feedback. Good reviews drive customers and revenue and they also lead to a higher number of customers who remain loyal to the brand. Customer retention is also effected by reviews and customer service. Recent holiday surveys show that only about 33% of shoppers compared prices while over 67% were more likely to be influenced by positive or negative reviews. This shows that customers care more about reviews than even price differences.

Another interesting fact on customer surveys show that 84% of shoppers value a review more than even a recommendation from someone they know personally. Companies are recognizing that shopper trust is at an all-time low for even well-known brands and businesses. The habit of reading reviews from actual buyers is more trustworthy than any amount of marketing.


As Fabletics has grown, it has used the crowd leveraging to reach more customers and to earn more repeat business. Hudson believes that crowdsourcing is a benefit to her brand because it forces it to be more transparent and more accountable to its customers. TrustPilot-one of the largest review websites notes that it has over 20,000 new reviews each day. With numbers like that, to ignore the crowdsourcing trend will mean the certain end of an online business. 85% of customers to Fabletics are repeat customers so something in their strategy is working.


Google and other search engines use positive reviews to drive their promotions of a business. Positive reviews make it more likely that a company will make it into the Google 3-pack and thus be at the top of every search. This bit of strategy gets the company’s name in front of more than 54% people it would have without the search engine. These percentages mean increased customers and more sales. As shoppers become more and more tech savvy, companies like Fabletics are growing with them as they enhance every area of their website presence.

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New York’s Finest Healthcare Expert And Celebrity Doctor, Dr. David Samadi

Healthcare in the world is a field that is vital and should be treated with care that it deserves. With the changing technology, there are other aspects that also transform, bringing advancements in the health sector. The best person to transcribe in simple terms the frequently changing arena is Dr. David Samadi. He has a weekly program called “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.”

Started in September this year, the online platform can be viewed by enthusiasts who can then engage with the doctor in their favorite social media platforms. Everyone will be able to watch the show and get to know what is trending in the healthcare industry.

In case someone needs to get answers to questions, they can be answered fast and personally by Dr. David Samadi himself. He usually ensures that people get the answers within a day without delay. In the topics that need consultation, he refers to other qualified medical leaders and wellness communities who give better and detailed feedback to the patients. The fellow medics are also invited to the show where they give lessons and prior to them coming, they get assessed if they are knowledgeable and relevant. The discussions will be deep and to the point with the help of these people. It helps the viewers with comprehension and ideas will stick in people’s minds.

Dr. Samadi David has always been brilliant in the work that he does given that mixing media and medicine is difficult. He is a celebrity doctor who also serves people at Lenox Hill Hospital as an Urologist and a robotic surgery supporter. He is into urology more and in both fields (urology and robotic surgery.); he is recognized in the world. He specializes in diagnosing prostate cancer, bladder cancer and the kidney cancer.

David Samadi was born in Iran among the small Persian Jewish community. He went to Belgium and later on to London after the Iranian Revolution. In the USA, he finished his High school and attended Stony Brook University where he acquired his Degree in Biochemistry.

His M.D is from S.U.N.Y, Stony Brook School of Medicine in New York, 1994. At Montefiore Medical Center, Dr. David Samadi finished his postgraduate education, proctology training in Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. David Samadi had further studies in oncology and robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre and Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil, France respecively. All these qualifications make him the leading doctor in New York.

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Karl Heideck Voices Support For Pennsylvania Car Seat Laws

Attorney Karl Heideck recently took the time to write an article discussing updates to Pennsylvania’s car seat laws. State legislatures have made it clear in recent years that providing more protection for childen on the state’s roads is a major priority. One published report by AAA named auto accidents as a leading cause of death for babies and small children.

The most recent change to Pennsylvania car seat laws became active August 12, 2006. State legislature now mandates that all children two years and younger must be secured in a car seat. Also, car seats must be facing the rear of the vehicle. Studies have shown that when car seats face the rear of the vehicle they provide added protection for children.

In the past year, non compliant motorists in the state of Pennsylvania have been issued warnings for not properly securing children in vehicles. However, this one year grace period has expired. Violators of Pennsylvania’s newest car seat laws will now be issued citations and fines. The current fine is $125.

An added element to this newly enacted law is that all children under eight years old is required to also be seated in a booster seat. Exceptions for this statute are made for children who are taller than 4 feet 9 inches tall or who weight 80 pounds. The fine for this violation is $75.

Attorney Karl Heideck stresses the importance for parents across the state of Pennsylvania to carefully review the state’s newly enacted laws. Heideck also explains it is imperative for parents to ensure that they are in possession of compliant car seats as many older models, as well as some newer models, have been recalled by manufactures. It is safe to assume that most car seats older than five years old are no longer compliant with current safety standards in the state of Pennsylvania.

Karl Heideck is a 2009 graduate of Temple University’s Beasley School of Law where he graduated with honors while earning a Juris Doctor degree. Before Temple law school, Heideck attended Swarthmore college where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in English. Heideck has specialized in civil litigation, intellectual property law, commercial litigation, and employment law while faithfully serving the greater Philadelphia area for more than a decade. Karl Heideck stands in support and has openly praised Pennsylvania lawmakers’ attempts to make the state’s roads safer for children. karl Heideck also hopes that other states will follow the lead of Pennsylvania so that roads throughout the nation can be safer places for children. Visit karl heideck at crunchbase.com


CEO of Securus, Rick Smith, Excels at Work and Life

Rick Smith leads Securus technology, which is a profit making prison tech company as its CEO and president. He has been at the helm of the company’s success and is responsible for much of its success. The company is responsible for providing tech solutions that protect the society. In broader terms, this company is responsible for offering tech solutions that protect inmates through offering solutions that reduce and eliminate the crimes committed by these inmates. Rick smith has been serving Securus for a long time since 2008 in varied positions. Before taking up the position at Securus, he worked in different capacities in related companies including eschelon technologies Inc. It is in there various positions that he built up his profile as a leader that has seen Securus grow to the level that it is today. Rick spent two decades of his career in the financial management position where he learned a lot.

Smith worked as the controller, president and chief information officer of frontier information technologies. He also worked as the vice president of Midwest telephone operations. It is the cumulative experience in these different companies where he served in different significant capacities that boosted his resume and made him a perfect candidate for Securus leadership. Smith joined Securus as a board member in 2008, and a year later, he was appointed by the same board to act as the chairman of Securus.

Apart from work experience, Rick Smith can achieve most of the things he has been able to because of his academic qualifications. He has an associate’s degree in applied science in electrical engineering, which he earned from Rochester Institute of technology. In addition to this, he earned an MBA from the same university. He also has a master’s degree from the New York State University where he mastered in mathematics. He went ahead to attained a degree in professional studies from Buffalo New York University where he studied bachelors of science, electrical engineering. His academic credential shows that he has what it takes to deliver his mandate adequately and more

Through Securus, Rick Smith has been able to continually provide technology that keeps improving the operations in prisons through enhancing the performance of activities in these facilities. The technology that is provided in these facilities helps to keep the inmate in touch with the outside world. Securus does not stop at providing technology that can trigger misuse in the facilities. It goes further to secure the technology that helps the inmates by curbing potential areas of abuse. The company has been behind ensuring that inmates can make voice and video calls to their loved ones. The provision of these gadgets helps prepare inmates for the time when they are released into the ordinary world.


The Great Achievements of Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is one of the highly skilled attorney generals and has in the past years provided insight to people regarding the various emerging issues in the field of law. Karl has played a significant role in bringing reforms in the area of law, through which people have benefited. He recently provided insight to people concerning the challenges that the legislation officers encounter in pilaphedia to prohibit employers from asking about their employee’s past salaries. Karl insists that the law will oversee the significant number of employees receive better wages to upgrade their lives as well as take care of their various needs.

Despite the enormous challenges that the law enforcers faced concerning the issue, a large percentage of advocates that fight for workers’ rights came out in large numbers to address the issue of the limit of information that employers should acquire from their employees. Karl argued that the law would play a significant role in closing the gender pay gap and bring about equality at the job place. Philapedia legislators also believe that the citizens of the country would benefit fully from the law, in case it was passed. The passing of the bill which was geared by Karl Heideck saw Philapedia earn an excellent reputation as one of the first countries to pass a ban on employers seeking information on employees past wages.

Karl Heideck has brought significant revolutions in the field of law since he graduated from James E. Beagley School of Law at Temple University. Besides his exclusive advocations on legal matters in the area, Karl is also an author at and contributes various scholarly articles and also gives his insights across multiple blog posts concerning the law. Karl has always had a great passion towards working together with his team of employees, to share helpful information and advice concerning legal matters affecting them, to ensure that they both curb the problem before it becomes worse.

On the other hand, Karl has also emerged to be among the most sought attorneys in the country due to his excellent ability to handle all aspects of civil litigation as well as the tremendous insights he provides to his readers through his various publications and practice guides. Karl has gained a great reputation for himself through his various operations. The renowned attorney general has also established a great relationship with his colleagues through which they offer each other with support and help whenever they need it.https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/19046-pa-karl-heideck-1937201.html

Contributions of Securus Technologies to the Security Sector

Securus Technologies is one of the most prestigious companies in the United States that offers inmate communication solutions in the United States. The firm is in Dallas, Texas and serves over three hundred thousand correctional facilities in the country. Securus technologies have over the past years offered connection solutions to close to two million inmates in the entire part of North America and has always relied on technology heavily to provide their services. The firm not only offers communication services to inmates but also caters for the law enforcement in the public sector, biometric analysis, provides general information, among many other services.

The firm offers onsite video visitation as well as stay at home video visitations, which are usually conducted under strict rules. The onsite video visitations enable one to travel to the correctional facilities that their loved ones are incarnated ad speak to them at the specified time. A lot of security is observed in such visitations ad in cases where one fails to book their visitation hours on time; they are likely to wait for some time before seeing their loved ones. Besides, the at-home video visitation is more convenient for individuals living far away from the correctional units and allows them to quickly speak to their loved ones as long as they follow the right procedures. The requirement to submit information and identity of the speaker by secures technologies increases the security level in the correctional units. The video visits able family members to schedule more visits in a given period and also reduces their chances of being followed up by goons.

Securus technologies have also received a series of awards for their exceptional contributions to the correctional units and were recently honored for both team and individual accomplishments. The awards received are evidence of the reason why the firm is the leading provider in the correctional and law enforcement sector.


Stay Positive and Find Success: The Doe Deere Method

If you ask Doe Deere about her makeup company Lime Crime, she will say that it’s been her dream to find as much success and reach as many people as she has. Her line of makeup ranges from eye shadows and glitters to lipsticks and hair color, meaning that there is truly something for everyone available… but why is it such a successful company?

For starters, Deere is still completely involved with every aspect of the creation and distribution of each product, even almost a decade after it was started. This means that before a color goes into production, or a lipstick gets packaged, Deere has the final say-so, giving her control over how her products work, feel, can be used and look. This level of involvement means that every single thing that goes out has her approval.

Every product in the line of makeup and hair care items is 100% cruelty free, which is something that Deere believes in strongly. This means that these items can be used by anyone that wants to try them out; there are no limitations for Vegan individuals, meaning that this is a makeup brand that promotes and takes diversity into account before the products even reach the hands of the consumer.

Deere’s goal when she first began Lime Crime was to create something that wasn’t readily available elsewhere… and she succeeded. The colors and options are vibrant, long lasting and gorgeous; they promote individuality and self expression, and encourage wearers to be themselves, no matter the situation. Even though being able to provide these things to people was Deere’s dream, finding ways to use them is a dream that many customers of the company have, too. It can be hard to find the perfect makeup to create meaningful looks, especially if people want to go against the grain – but it’s possible with these products. Learn more: https://www.limecrime.com/about/

Throughout all of the experiences that Deere has had since creating the company, she hasn’t ever given up or strayed from her initial desires. She’s worked hard to create and release products that she believes in, but also that others can believe in, too. While Deere may have been giving the people what they want, she’s also been working hard to give herself what she wants, too: the ability to influence people’s makeup preferences and choices on a daily basis.