Election Funding Reform Calls Grow Thanks To End Citizens United

In 2010, the U.S. election system underwent one of its most controversial and sweeping changes when the Supreme Court ruled on the Citizens United versus the Federal Election Commission case; like many people I was shocked when the ruling allowed almost unlimited financial backing to be provided by wealthy donors to Super PAC’s they could establish themselves or to groups supporting candidates. Like the organizers of the End Citizens United PAC I was concerned originally by the fact wealthy donors were given the opportunity to have a major influence on the way the policy choices of major parties and candidates could now be influenced by donors providing funding, in theory, in return for policies friendly to themselves or their business interests. In their campaign materials, End Citizens United explain their belief the undue influence of major political donors has shaped the landscape since 2010 and should be brought to an end by a decision to repeal the ruling and accompanying legislation that made sweeping changes to the political landscape of the U.S.


The call for U.S. election finance reform seems to have struck a chord with voters like myself across the nation who are turning to the End Citizens United group in a bid to attempt to force a change in the way politics are performed across the country. I have been shocked at the level of support the End Citizens United group has been given over the course of its life since its formation in 2015. I expected a high level of donations to flood in during the 2016 Presidential election cycle that saw the group reach $25 million in campaign funding, but I have been amazed at the latest figures released for the first quarter of 2017 that shows the End Citizens United group has already seen $4 million pledged this year.


Not only does the sheer weight of the money pledged make happy reading for those, like myself, who support the end of the Citizens United, but the fact more than 100,000 donors have provided support has shown me that growing numbers of donors are reaching out to new areas of political interest over the course of their lives. Added to the fact 100,000 donors pledged funds over the first three months of 2017 is the knowledge that an estimated 40,000 of these donors were first time givers to a cause that appears to resonate with millions of American citizens who are worried by the growing influence of a small group of wealthy individuals. Achieving the goal of around $35 million in donations by the time of the 2018 midterm elections now seems to be a possibility for End Citizens United as they become one of the major PAC’s on the left side of U.S. politics.


George Soros: Investments in Liberalism

As a young man, George Soros fled his native country of Hungary to begin studies at The London School of Economics Political Science, where he studied philosophy. According to Forbes, after getting his start in finance by taking various jobs at merchant banks, Soros moved to New York to begin working on Wall Street. In 1969, while still in New York, Soros established his own hedge fund. This became known as the famous Quantum Fund. Soros rose to international prominence in 1992, when he made a profit of over $1 billion after a risky currency trade where he shorted the British pound.

Over the years, Soros has become known as not only one of the wealthiest men in the world, but also one of the world’s leading philanthropists and political spenders. Politico reports that Soros began to scale back his political spending after donating $27 million in a failed effort to prevent the election of President George W. Bush in 2004. Instead, he refocused his philanthropic attention on international foundations that seek to further such causes as democratic values, human rights, and access to healthcare and education. To date, Soros has spent over $13 billion to advance these causes, placing him among the most influential liberal philanthropists.

Breaking his trend in philanthropic giving to human rights foundations, Soros re-emerged into the political arena as a major donor for the Democratic Party during the 2016 election, despite his heavy criticism of the influence of wealthy donors in politics. Politico reports that Soros spent $25 million to support Hillary Clinton, along with other Democratic candidates and causes. Party insiders suggest Soros’s fondness for Clinton’s liberal agenda and his sharp warnings against leading GOP figures such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz spurred him into action. George Soros is now seen as a leadership figure among liberal donors, participating in various efforts to effectively coordinate liberal philanthropic spending, such as the Democracy Alliance. Read more about George’s life story at biography.com.

It is unclear how the results of the 2016 election will influence Soros’s future spending. However, it seems likely that he will remain an inspirational figure for liberal donors, and that he will continue to pursue his vision of improving humanity through his philanthropic spending.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny and About the Role of Oncologists in the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

When it comes to cancer treatment and prevention, Oncologists today have a great responsibility in not just treating their patients, but with providing them with the right information to help in cancer prevention. More organizations are looking into involving clinical oncologists in the work of cancer assessment and cancer prevention counseling. It is their role to identify the individuals with cancer genes and provide preventive drugs. Oncologists need to keep themselves updated about the latest evidence of cancer prevention drugs and strategies by participating in the cancer courses and clinical trials as well. With the knowledge of cancer genes and carcinogenesis expanding, it is essential for oncologists to be actively involved in such researches. Visit ResearchGate to keep up to date with Mikhail’s latest work.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is on the forefront of such studies and takes an active part in various cancer clinical processes. He is committed to educating his students about providing cancer prevention counseling, assessing individuals with cancer risks and to actively participate in community-based activities for prevention of cancer. He performs studies on cancer therapies and is responsible for designing treatments that can help protect the healthy cells from being damaged by cancer genes. He also examines the process of aging and the use of pharmaceutical products that can help prevent aging of the skin and increasing the lives of people.

Mikhail Blagosklonny had in interest in the medical field from a young age. After passing high school, he went to the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg to earn his M.D. and Ph.D. both. His M.D. was in internal medicine, while he received his Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology. Because of his dedication and hard work, he quickly secured a position as an associate professional of medicine in New York Medical College. He then went on to become a senior scientist at the renowned Ordway Research Institute. In the year, he was offered a position at Roswell Park Cancer Institute which he happily accepted. He is regarded as one of the best professors at the Institute as he is always ready to help his students and to guide them in case they get stuck with their research. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

Brazil Construction: Something Construcap Excels With

Many people today are excited about the growth and change that is going on in the country of Brazil. With so much economic activity on jornalcruzeiro.com.br, it is no wonder that people are excited about the future of the economy. If you are ready to work with a company that can help you profit off of these economic trends, Construcap is the company to work with. This is a company that truly cares about people who they are working with, and they are ready to help their country stay at the top. With all of the market commotion in real estate, it is best to work with a company like Construcap that has experience in these types of markets. Over the years, they have proven to truly care about the lives of people in their local area.

Financial Goals

When it comes to running a company, there are a lot of goals that employers have of their people. One of the biggest goals is to make a profit over the long term. If you are ready to start investing in real estate, you need to work with a company that can help you accomplish your goals. The staff at Construcap can make a plan that works for you over the long term. Not only that, but they are excited to offer a variety of investing plans that make sense with your current situation on catho.com.br. If you need help planning an investment or financing, now is the time to do so. This is a company that will help you in that process in a variety of different ways. Not only that, but they are excited about the growth and change that is going to happen in the future. When it comes to real estate, the people who make the most money have the most information. That is what you are getting when you work with a company like Construcap.

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Karl Heideck; An Expert Litigator

Litigation involves seeking a legal solution to a dispute. While most people believe that litigation implies to court proceedings, it does not. Litigation process may encompass an actual lawsuit, but it is not obligatory, as most cases seldom reach the trial stage.

First, a demand letter whose objective is to notify the accused that litigation is being enforced is issued. The letter often specifies conditions which must be met lest the rule of law is enacted. It is during this stage that investigations are conducted.

It is expected that the defendant and the plaintiff come to an agreement after the issuance of the demand letter. However, if they do not arbitrate, the case proceeds to the court. The accuser serves the judge with an official complaint who then issues a court order. The order is given to the accused, who then provides an answer, a process that sets the trial in motion.

After filing the lawsuit, the next stage is the discovery. This step involves the exchange of evidence by counsels from the opposing sides. Also called pre-trial, this process seeks to establish the sufficiency of the evidence presented.

Trial kicks in after discovery is closed. Here, both sides present their argument before a court of law, which is preside over by a judge, who is often assisted by a jury. Once both parties have been heard out, the magistrate or the jury delivers the verdict. If one side feels that the decision is unjust, they are usually allowed to file an appeal at a higher court.

The whole process is overseen by litigators, who acquire their education from law schools.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an accomplished litigator, having served in the legal industry for almost a decade. He attained a BA from the Swarthmore College. Karl Heideck later fulfilled his desire to become a litigator by receiving a Juris Doctor from the School of Law at Temple University Beasley.

Being a licensed attorney, Karl Heideck operates within Pennsylvania and Philadelphia state as a whole.

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How A Business Can Attract The Most Sales With Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

Every business owner or aspiring entrepreneur has to solve a lot of issues when it comes to their source of income. One of the major issues that they have to solve is how they are going to attract customers. This is in fact a major issue because they have to deal with all of the factors that play into the customers that they attract. This often leaves people at a loss on how to attract the customers. As a result, many businesses often die before they are started. Fortunately, there is one solution that is going to make everything work for the business owner.

One of the major solutions that people can look into is setting up a location at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. One of the reasons that this is a good idea is because Manaira Shopping mall is not only a big mall, but it is filled with plenty of attractions that will get people wanting to explore every inch of the mall. Therefore, business owners have a huge chance of actually bringing in some major sales. However, in order to maximize the sales, business owners have to make sure that they offering something that customers of the mall would want.

One of the reasons that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is very good for businesses is that the establishment offers plenty of spaces for different types of activities which includes concerts, theaters, lounges, bowling alleys, fitness gyms and plenty of other activities. While a business could rely on the success of Manaira Mall to bring in the customers, it is up to the company to do its own marketing for its location so that it can not only bring more customers to its location, but also bring in more customers to the mall.

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When it comes to businesses, it is important for the owner to make sure that he utilizes all of the advantages that he has available. With the right marketing and promotions, one is going to not only bring success to his own business, but also to the area that his business is located in. This is one example of why location is very important to the success of a business. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

Securus Technologies and GTL Face-Off – Setting the Facts Straight

Startups in numerous industries have been giving established giant corporations a run for their money thanks to their innovative approaches. In the civil and criminal technology industry, Securus Technologies, a relatively young company, has challenged giant GTL to a ‘technology face-off’.

Securus Technologies seems very confident that it will win and has already outlined all its strengths compared to GTL.


All Factors on the Table

Securus Technologies claims that it has overtaken its main competitor GTL in every aspect. It has even taken the liberty of highlighting factors that judges should consider when evaluating the companies’ performances. And, although this may seem audacious of the company, it is fascinating to see that the highlighted areas cover virtually every aspect of each company.

Product set – which is the best and largest?

Telephone calling platform – considering modern technology

The quality of customer care services


A quality and capital efficient platform

Securus Technologies’ confidence is largely based on its state-of-the-art technology. Like in most other industries, modern technology is a determinative competitive factor as it guarantees better quality services. Securus Technologies is relatively new compared to GTL, and it is constantly upgrading its technology. In fact, it claims that it has ploughed back over $700 million of its revenues into the company.

Looking at the numbers, Securus Technologies has nothing to prove as it is already giving GTL a run for its money. It loses about $1 to GTL, but it then makes back $4 for each dollar lost; it is well on its way to dominating the market. However, the company’s founder and CEO Richard Smith felt that he had to confront GTL for its claims that it was better than Securus Technologies.


Richard Smith was so confident that he urged GTL to save its face and turn down the challenge. However, the latter has not yet responded; hence the possibility of a face-off cannot be ruled out.

The Quincy Shootings

The Quincy Apartments at 120 Neilson Street located in New Brunswick, NJ with approximately 200 apartments, have had multiple shootings. One, on May 7th of 2013 was a phony phone call for a pizza delivery. The gentleman delivering the pizza was leaving the apartment where the lessee said he never ordered pizza when three men surprised him, held him at gun point, and stole his money, his wallet and the pizza.

Officials took four months to solve the crime, but, due to persistence, found the man responsible for the pizza order due to technological footprints and was then able to trace the other perpetrators. One young man, the twenty-one year leader of the robbery, Parysh Wood, charged with robbery where prosecutors expect further arrests and convictions.

Shootings, theft, illegal weapons, and crime have become common place in the Quincy apartments. Another shooting on October 7th, 2015 where four gun shots were heard leaving one man hospitalized.

On January 24th, 2017 police are still watching the Quincy as suspects have been reported to commit a string of robberies while the victims are robbed walking from their cars to their home. The last incident was an unarmed robbery where the suspects are not similar in appearances. An even more recent robbery left a woman held at gunpoint while leaving the Dollar Tree. The difference in this robbery is the woman was walking form work to her car versus from her car to home. However, police are still trying to determine if these robberies are related and solve the crimes.

As the investigation continues, police ask anyone with information regarding these robberies to call 617-745-5766.

Learn more: http://newbrunswicktoday.com/article/nbpd-radio-nbpd-investigating-shooting-new-brunswick-apartments

My Husband And I Are Very Happy That We Worked With Ignition Financial

It was on my husband’s idea to get a car from a dealership that I felt was not on the level. They had inflated prices, they lied about the conditions of their cars, and we were suckers enough to end up buying one. Unfortunately, even with the lies that the dealership told us, we were still stuck paying for the vehicle that was having one problem after another because we signed up with an outside lender. Taking the company to court only got us back a small percentage of the money we had paid on the car, so we had very few options.


Our monthly payments were pretty high, so it was my idea to refinance the loan. I told my husband that if we refinanced the loan with the right people that we not only would be able to lower our rates, we’d also be able to take any additional money that we save to get another car. We both needed our own car because it was too much for us to be going back and forth to each other’s job on a daily basis, but we were paying $500 a month for the car payments alone, not to mention $100 monthly for insurance.


Ignition Financial made every bit of difference in our lives, and it’s all because they have such professional people who know all about the refinancing process. If it wasn’t for a friend who told us about Ignition Financial, we would have never known about them. I put in an application online, and I completed everything by going down to see them in person. My husband wasn’t willing to go because he honestly didn’t think we would qualify for refinancing that was substantial, but was he ever wrong.


I was hoping that Ignition Financial was going to be able to slash my payments, but they did me one better by slashing the payments in half. Ignition Financial was able to find us a lender that made the payments go from almost $500 a month down to just under $250 a month. When I called my husband to give him the good news, he was eager to sign the paperwork and came down to the office with a big smile on his face. We signed the paperwork, and the extra savings has allowed us to purchase another vehicle, so Ignition Financial really saved us money.